Jeff Gates and His Music

Southern to the core, Jeff has recorded 'Secession', an edgy album that says," don't have to take their crap - you can always secede." These tunes are funky Southern Rock with punchy guitar licks, excellent mixes and lyrics to make you think. Born and raised in South Carolina, the South has a special place in Jeff's heart. This patriotism shines through in these songs, as does his intellect regarding current international events. All of the songs on this album were created, recorded and mastered in his own studio, the Soul Shack, in Gaffney, SC. Wanting a way to continue making music, but not be away from his wife and seven children, the studio seemed a great way to do it. Without outside pressures, Jeff was able to create works of art that truly express himself, and master them until just right.  
Jeff has written and performed volumes of tunes that run the gamut from good ol’ back porch blues to 80’s hair band rock. His two previous CDs, ‘You Make Me’ (2011) and ‘Colorblind Blues’ (2012), mix funky blues with pop rock.  
From an early age, Jeff knew that he wanted to play music, and because of his drive and determination, has done just that. Jeff is a musician…not just someone who plays in a band occasionally, but a true musician. As the owner of a recording studio, he can usually be found recording a band, teaching his students, or writing his own music. When he is not in the studio, Jeff is performing; entertaining audiences with his brilliance on the guitar and his amusing banter on the mic. His guitar style has been compared to Hendrix, Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his voice likened to the raspy sounds of Bob Seger and Bryan Adams. Jeff’s style may bring to mind these other musicians, but his original songs and his passion for music set him aside as a one-of-a-kind. There certainly is a wealth of talent contained in this enthusiastic individual.